those were the days

it’s been a while since that i have stop playing wow. last year my buddy ask me to head back to wow: legions, but i have not. it was a great loss coz i would never play with him anymore.  today when i saw the screenshot that i took from many years ago, oh well, for sure it is something good to bring back the old memories. wow experience had changes my life experience significantly, it open up a windows for me to explore with the outside and inside worlds. i’ve made friends from all over the world, i’ve become friendlier, my english conversation skill improves and so many more that i would never thought off if i don’t get into wow.

many years has passed, those who have fight besides me were long lost… and i have missed you all.

priest: prynn, kurikuri, the 2 best healer who have fight with me for very long time. milargo the flips.

mage: ling

warrior: bakai, garyy,

hunter: jcro, rocky

warlock: chumbeque, tonytony, lolabasyang the flips,

rogue: muimui, maling, jun

druid: maling’s ex-wife

shaman and DK: hmm seems i do not have shammy and dk friends, mostly rerolls.

paladin: vanhagar

oh well, that’s all i can think of with my limited memries. it is a good game and i hope it will last for another 10 more years. who knows we may be coming back for a reunion?

closing with a chinese poem:


Midsummer 2018





今年估计还有CJ2018,长沙, 回老家, 12 月走一趟曼谷还是哪里。。。

前半年公司变化还挺大的。下半年可能还会被卖掉, 在这里只能做一天和尚敲一天钟且走且看。。。

to all of my fellow countryman, to which i am proudly call ourselves as Malaysians, no matter if you are yellow, black, brown or white, no matter if you are muslim, christian, buddish or any religion, no matter if you abroad, so long you are born in this blessed homeland with still holding a malaysian passport, this is a rally to call you to go back and vote for your country.

you may think one vote doesnt makes a diffrent, you may think no matter how you vote nothing gonna change. but that is wrong! all votes does matter! all votes count! we were giving rights to cast a vote, so that the many can outweigh the few. where does this “many” came from? from one to few, from few to many. from many, we can made changes.

i work abroad as an engineer, however, i am willing to pay for my air tickets, sacrifies my leaves just to go back and do my duty. i hope with my votes, there are changes to the country. so i hope other malaysians thinks the same, then everyone will go back and perform their duty. so, what’s your excuse not to go back, compare to saving your country, which is much more important?

i dare not say changes is good, but change is the process of all existance. in my opinion, our country’s reputation is at the rock bottom, compare to many years ago, when our people are proudly says that we are malaysians, and peoples from other country will have this envy look at ourselves, even much long long time ago, we can even looked down on indonesians, thai, the flips. but what happened now? look at the neighbours around us, they aer catching over us now. and if we never change, many years later things gonna goes around and we will be the lowly. changes may not be good but changes better than not change at all. everythings starts with a dream. what if it came true? 梦想是要有的,万一实现了呢?

i lived and work abroad, but one day i will go back to my beloved country. this is the homeland that i was born and the land that i plan the scatter my ashes. we all  malaysians need to upholds it’s reputation so that we could hold our heads up and telling others that we came from this pround country!

winner winner, chicken dinner. 5月9日,骑马吃鸡。 呵呵。lets do this, go vote and make the diffrences!




一晃眼2018年3月份了。一个季度又过去了。 人生已经走到了40个年头。有些人有两个40年,但大部分人只有一个多一点。前些年都很期待3月份,这个时候一般都在跟我好朋友一起过。 可惜了,去年他在这个月份走了。今年这个月份要做的,就是去他坟前拜一拜。惜别都是伤感的,但是回忆都是美好的。

用了40年来学习,学会做人,做事。 不见得学的多好,但是至少没坏到哪里。有功,有过, 有好的,有坏的。不过,不重要。 我来了,我活过了我的生活,我丰富了我的感知, 我看到了灰白,看到了色彩, 我赚了。

就像人所说的,人生就像坐过山车, 有高,有低。高的时候别把自己看的太高,你永远不知道那一刻会峰回路转。 低的时候别太沮丧,万一明天就反弹了呢?


又有老师说,做人别太认真, 太认真人会崩。

所以我现在又认真,又不认真的做人。 呵呵。



Nothing last forever。

没有什么是永远的。 时间会带走一切,生命,事业,友情,爱情都斗不过时间的琢磨。∞ 这个东西就是个呵呵。

该走的时候就走,别不舍得。 舍不得,因为怕失去。当你的心是空的, 那你就不怕了。

今年就要踏进40大关了,心是满满的,对于很多东西很怕放开。就如我的前老板跟我说的, 有了钱的一般都比较怕死。 呵呵。



2018 New Year Resolutions

another year pass, another year arrives. after updating my wrapup, as always have to be my new year resolutions.

hmm lets see:

  1. gonna switch job,  back to malaysia, or any other places, doesnt really matters, what matters? change of current job.
  2. pray to stay healthy. not only me, but whomever that i knew, including my junior.
  3. forgive and forget, or forgive and learned. either one.
  4. let it go. too many minds, too stubborn.
  5. nba2k19 as every year in my wanted list.
  6. open a grocery shop at my hometown. hopefully.
  7. goodbye china, hello everywhere else. hopefully.
  8. world peace! as always every year.
  9. complete at least a game that i bought last year.


2017 Year end Wrapup

end of my 30’s era, going to be 40s. year end wrapup, which i am suppose to do it way way back last month. why wait until now? lesson learnt, times wait for nobody, learned but never practice, whats the point? damn.

well it is a sad, sad and sad year. for my best buddy had passed away before me. well that’s something no one would expect of, before the week he passed away, i just flew to bkk and celebrate my b’day with him, who woulda expect a sudden departure? shock shock shocking news to everybody. i thought we have good time forever, hell yeah we have good time, but whats forever? nothing is forever. another lesson learnt long time ago. “NOTHING” > “EVERYTHING”. goodbye to you my trusted friend; we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun. good memories, the only things that can out lives me i hope. 😀

My loving best friend

at work i outlast my ex-boss, hell yeah, finally he is gone, and i lived! new boss new rules, cant say he is better than my ex-boss, at least i can communicate fine with him, though not much of liking his style, but well, i am counting my times here, nothing much could i complaints i guess.

can anyone imagine that my company are moving office twice in a year? ridiculous but it happened. not sure who screw up the rental contracts, but i guess someone had really did a bad job. i have to struggle not only once, but twice to rework on the company network again, sigh. dejavu.

my sickness comes and go. lost weight and gain weight like roller coster, up and down, up and down, been haunted me on and off. but i have no fear now.


been tried to setup some business at thailand, too bad things not going well, had to delayed and KIV.