2017 Year end Wrapup

end of my 30’s era, going to be 40s. year end wrapup, which i am suppose to do it way way back last month. why wait until now? lesson learnt, times wait for nobody, learned but never practice, whats the point? damn.

well it is a sad, sad and sad year. for my best buddy had passed away before me. well that’s something no one would expect of, before the week he passed away, i just flew to bkk and celebrate my b’day with him, who woulda expect a sudden departure? shock shock shocking news to everybody. i thought we have good time forever, hell yeah we have good time, but whats forever? nothing is forever. another lesson learnt long time ago. “NOTHING” > “EVERYTHING”. goodbye to you my trusted friend; we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun. good memories, the only things that can out lives me i hope. 😀

My loving best friend

at work i outlast my ex-boss, hell yeah, finally he is gone, and i lived! new boss new rules, cant say he is better than my ex-boss, at least i can communicate fine with him, though not much of liking his style, but well, i am counting my times here, nothing much could i complaints i guess.

can anyone imagine that my company are moving office twice in a year? ridiculous but it happened. not sure who screw up the rental contracts, but i guess someone had really did a bad job. i have to struggle not only once, but twice to rework on the company network again, sigh. dejavu.

my sickness comes and go. lost weight and gain weight like roller coster, up and down, up and down, been haunted me on and off. but i have no fear now.


been tried to setup some business at thailand, too bad things not going well, had to delayed and KIV.



Midsummer 2017

half year passed, another half year to go.

so what have i done in this past 6 months?

travel: macao, phuket, bangkok, home.

what have i done? missed flight day before chinese reunion night, spent over rmb160k for over past 6 years from taobao, averagely 24k per year. company been bought and reorg. moving office and moving office soon, moving house.

what have changed? best buddy past away, HOTS 2.0, loves KoG. made new frens and lose old frens, SSDD.





时间就是老师, 执着是体验,放下是经验。


我以为经历了这么多,因该也晓得了。 呵呵。




when i was a child, my first ever buddy that i can ever recalled, my younger cousin, I was so small that time I couldn’t ever really recall what we have done together, but he is truly my best ever buddy since my childhood. we got separated when my family moved house, which we both still meeting each others but wasnt that closed anymore. sadly, he had passed away few years ago due to heart attack.

my second buddy, his name is Charles low, which i met him at the kindergarten when i was 6, we attend the same kindergarten, primary and secondary school together. even since now we never met face to face for so long, once a while we do online chatting, but still i am glad he’s enjoying his life with his kids and family. i remember the last time i met his daughter which at a bar place he was running, i think his daughter was like 3-4 years old kiddo. i think her daughter would be in 18ish years old already, mang, time flies.

my next buddy that i really felt that we could be a buddy for the rest of my life, sadly it ended up in a bad way. Bakai and i knew each others since college time, we had been through all the good times and hard times, sadly some unneccessary misunderstanding keeps both of us apart.




自从T先生走了以后, 也没什么心情写blog了。有时候觉得他人已经走了,毕竟他们都认识了这么长时间的朋友至少会把仪式都走完吧。看来我还是太天真了。

他的时间也就剩下那么的一点点了, 想来以后你们还有哪些时间会去他家拜访?


Me and my junior


why why why?

to those who always think it is a bad time to do something, well there will be never a good time to do something. sometimes it is only a suggestion but it will always end up in pointing games.

TIC i guess, they are train not to suggest or improve anything to be better. claims that now is not the right moment, everyone is busy… come on… oh well, i wonder what i will be when i return. it is really difficult to adapt to normal people’s life when i live in here for sucha long time. call it a brainwash, hehe.